Next, you can look at the specifications of the pressure washers available to see which suits your need. You also need to keep the pressure and gallons per minute in mind, as this will make a difference in the job that is done. Repair Clinic has a huge repair help content library, from schematics to "how-to" videos, that will make it easy to do the repair yourself and save some money in the process. These are not just handy tools that can do more than your regular cleaning, but also help you save dollars by curtailing your electricity bills. A power washer can help him clean decks, outdoor furniture, vinyl, wood, and roofs, and much more. Use a pressure washer rated 2,000 PSI or less for smaller surfaces and general cleaning, like patio furniture and trash barrels. Garden hoses typically provide 40-pounds per square inch (PSI), which is great for watering lawns and flowers or washing the dog, but a garden hose can never remove the grunge, grease and mold that a pressure washer can manage.

Select a category of pressure washer by clicking on an image below. If you're anything like me, once I got my pressure washer I was constantly looking for things to wash! Feature rich and built to last, this high performance pressure washer will keep your home and vehicles spotless. The bleach will actually kill the mildew and the soap will break down the dirt, grease, and grime. Given the highly viscous nature of heavy grease, this cleaning task has traditionally been handled using harsh chemical cleaning products. If you're using a cleaning mixture, you'll want to use a wider fan nozzle such as a 25 degree tip. If you're not using any detergent or bleach mixture, you can simply spray your wooden fence with water. You'll want to use this if you have any mildew, mold, or any stains on the fence you are cleaning.

Combining industrial degreasers and cleaning solutions with the power of a pressure washer breaks the chemical bond between surfaces and stains. Hot water versions are particularly useful for areas where greasy, grimy stains regularly accumulate, such as vehicle repair stations and food processing plants (due to their machinery). Electric pressure washers are an ideal option for cleaning grills, cars, shutters and more. Those with electric powered engines are typically employed for light to moderate washing works (e.g. home, automobile, and smaller watercraft) and are best used in interior applications because these engines do not produce hazardous gases. The electric power washers are suitable for small tasks like decks and driveways. Electric power washers connect directly to an outlet and your water hose. hydrojet power washer features a hose reel for ease of use and storage. Outfitted with a 25 ft high-pressure hose, a Vario Power Spray (VPS) wand and a patented DirtBlaster turbo spray wand, the K5 premium is ready to tackle any cleaning job.

To use, you simply fill the reservoir with water (or use a water hose to do so), plug the entire assembly into a nearby outlet, and you're ready to go. You just have to plug the machine into the nearest electrical source and it would be ready for use. If your machine requires warranty service, you must take it to any authorized Yamaha Power Product dealer within Canada. But what happens when the job requires a bit more power? And also the pressure washer contributes its own power to give more high-dynamic pressure. For those who have never used a power or pressure washer before, it is a good idea to practice a little first. Thus, it is important to be careful as a high-pressure stream such as this one could actually hurt you, so it is a good practice to limit your choice of targets to inanimate objects. The reason is the intensity of the water stream.

Gas pressure washers rely on gasoline and a water supply. Pressure washers are powered by electricity, gas and sometimes even diesel. And if you live on a farm, you can even use them to clean your cattle and hogs! It can even be therapeutic after having a fight with your husband or kid! Consumer-grade gas-powered washers can be used to clean sidewalks, decks, siding and pavement quickly. Ideal for heavy-duty jobs, these gas-powered pressure washers remove graffiti, strip paint and provide industrial cleaning of concrete and pavement. Add water de-ionization systems that remove any dissolved solids from the water for spotless air drying. These hot water pressure washers are used inside factories, processing plants, and under-construction buildings for after-work cleanup. Gas pressure washers, on the other hand, are more powerful. If you think he'll want to clean the outer surface of his complete house or do the roof, you may want to pay out the added money for a gas powered washer as it's meant to do the substantial jobs-fast.